WE ARE EXTREMELY EXCITED to welcome you to Cursed, dear metal-lovin’ heathen. Cursed exists as defenders of the faith and champions of the future. We intend to dedicate this publication to covering interesting artists—new and legendary—across metal’s ever-widening spectrum of ear-splitting sound.

Cursed’s first feature is centred on our top 50 metal LPs of 2020. It’s a passionate celebration of what we deem the finest records released during what has been the most difficult year this century—and it gives you a good opening idea of our overall aesthetic.

Despite wide-reaching global tragedies and the personal turmoil and grief impacting every one of us this year as a result of this godforsaken plague, it’s true to say that metal has remained a constant source of wild escapism and a steady crutch to lean upon during truly crippling times. Like most sectors, the music industry has been hit extremely hard by COVID-19 restrictions, and 2021 will be another difficult year for those involved in the creative arts. That’s why it’s so important to support the bands you love right now if you can afford to. Throughout this lengthy feature we have included links to check out the albums honoured, should you wish to delve further beyond our write-ups.

A huge positive to take away from this absolutely brutal year, however, is that exciting new music is still being released across every metal subgenre (way too much to fit into this five-part feature, sadly). Now, and in the future, we want to give bountiful praise to the standout bands behind the music—whether it be independent artists, killer debutants, breakout acts on their second or third records, or veteran groups still releasing relevant inclusions to lengthy discographies.

So, thanks for being a part of our first leap into the void, and we look forward to highlighting what metal gifts us next year while also looking back through the storied genre’s extensive annals. But for now, it’s time to lock down the best of metal 2020. — DEAN BROWN

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