CURSED WAS FOUNDED BY music scribe Dean Brown (Decibel) and web designer/educator (digital media) Damien Kenny during the darkest recesses of 2020’s pandemic-instigated lockdown.

After years of working separately for various artistic and commercial entities, both Dundalk, County Louth-based Irishmen—who had previously bonded over a shared love of music, strong ales, and various artistic pursuits—had the goal to create a collaborative digital medium focused on metal.

Cursed’s title was chosen as a homage to the underrated Canadian hardcore band of the same name, and to the now-defunct Terrorizer Magazine, which was also named after a band. In addition, there is quite a bit of signature Irish gallows humour behind titling a plague-born project ‘Cursed’, especially when both men hope it will flourish. The brand’s logo and icon were carefully crafted by talented art director/designer Jaci Raia (, who did a phenomenal job of meeting the ‘kvlt yet classy’ brief.

Cursed’s mission statement when it comes to metal is very simple: To act as defenders of the faith and champions of the future. Brown and Kenny want to put the focus of online metal journalism back on what truly matters: the actual music, and the artists who make it. And while doing so, they will endeavour to make the content as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Cursed hopes that you, dear reader, will find some value in its efforts.


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